Monica Gildner ESM headshot.jpg

Pastor Monica Gildner
Executive Director

Pastor Monica joined our team in the spring of 2018.  She is a proud Kansas State University Wildcat and even prouder wife to Jon and mother to Addie and Jonathan.   Pastor Monica has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work and is a licensed pastor in the Church of the Nazarene. 

Pastor Monica can be reached at 810-767-5612 or by e-mail at

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Pastor Tanya Cox
Development Director

Pastor Tanya Cox officially joined our team in early 2017.  As Development Director, Pastor Tanya’s focus is on ways to create paths for more permanent change in the community. Change such as overall neighborhood safety, access to drug rehabilitation, transitional housing, and Jobs for Life. She is the proud mother of Taylor, Tiffany, Riley, and Kayla-Ann.  Pastor Tanya is also the lead pastor at the East Side Church of the Nazarene (just across Franklin from the Mission).

Pastor Tanya can be reached at

Terry White head shot.jpg

Terry White
Volunteer Coordinator

Terry has been with the mission since 20015.   He oversees the numerous volunteers that put in the hundreds of hours ever month that keeps the mission moving.  Volunteers serve in the kitchen, the clothing house, the food pantry and all the areas in between.  If you, your family, or a group you are a part of,  would like to volunteer at the mission,  please contact Terry 810-767-5612.